Battle Road Scenic Byway

The first shot of the American Revolution “heard round the world” took place at the historic Lexington Battle Green, one of the stops on this tour of Minuteman National Historical Park, which also includes the Old North Bridge, battle and burial grounds. Learn about Paul Revere’s ride through the landscape of eastern Massachusetts warning citizens of the eminent invasion of the British. The trip includes a reasonably priced lunch stop, and of course, an ice cream stop.                                                                             

Mileage: 53
Total Drive Time: 2 hours
Total Trip Time: 5 hours

Turn-by-turn PDF directions for the Battle Road Scenic Byway

PDF Directions

The following Google Maps links are available for segments of the drive.

Please Note: Google Maps may still try to find the “fastest” route to the destination and may deviate from the turn-by-turn directions that your trip leader will follow.

Westford Regency to Minuteman North Bridge

Google Maps Directions

Minuteman North Bridge to Cafe

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Cafe to Kimball Farm

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Kimball Farm to Westford Regency

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