Covered Bridge Trip

New England is known for its covered bridges created for travel by horse and buggy to protect the passages and horse, as well as the bridge from inclement weather and longevity of the structure.  You’ll drive your Miata over several historic covered bridges traveling back in time over wooded country roads with many turns and curves through Massachusetts and New Hampshire. This trip is as much about the drive as the history.

Mileage: 173.7
Total Drive Time: 4 1/2 hours
Total Estimated Trip Time: 7 hours

Turn-by-turn PDF directions for the Covered Bridge Trip

PDF Directions

The following Google Maps links are available for segments of the drive.

Please Note: Google Maps may still try to find the “fastest” route to the destination and may deviate from the turn-by-turn directions that your trip leader will follow.

Hotel to Plaza

Google Maps Directions

Plaza to Lunch

Google Maps Directions

Lunch to Coombs Bridge

Google Maps Directions

Coombs Bridge to Hotel (with pit stop)

Google Maps Directions