Nashoba Valley Winery

This self-guided tour is a 35-minute drive on tree-lined country roads to the acclaimed Nashoba Valley Winery orchard. A New England gift shop with the wines of Nashoba, a brewery and gourmet restaurant over look 52 acres of rolling fields with trees of apple, pear and a variety of berries all used in wine making. Wine tasting tours are available.  Reservations for lunch or dinner are recommended at 978-779-5521.

Mileage: 47.8
Total Drive Time: 1.5 hrs
Total Trip Time Estimate: 3.5 – 4 hrs

Turn-by-turn PDF directions for the Nashoba Valley Winery

PDF Directions

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Westford Regency to Nashoba Valley Winery

Google Maps Directions

Nashoba Valley Winery to Westford Regency

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